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Equivest Platform combines statistical  insights  on the location of major metal deposits, with big data, ML/AI  and  automation.


Statistical insights on the location of major ore deposits

Major ore deposits have distinct characteristics. For example, high-grade nickel-copper sulphide deposits are often found near the margin of a craton. Additionally, mantle-connected structures are important for economically viable IOCG-type REE deposits.

Mineral System 2.0: Our proprietary model combines advancements in deposit research, analysis of exploration press releases, and study of exploration companies. Integrated into our cloud-based Exploration Platform, Mineral System 2.0, along with our machine learning models, predicts mineral prospectivity statistically.


We have developed a state-of-the-art Exploration Platform that leverages big data analytics and Machine Learning (ML).

The platform includes:


  • Ability to drill-through all geospatial data in a modern software environment

  • Pre-built, deposit-specific workflows

  • Probabilistic prospect assessment

  • Prospectivity modelling tools, levareging ML 

  • Custom automations: reports generation, license applications 

The platform has helped Equivest to identify 50+ high-quality exploration prospects across the battery metals portfolio in Finland.


Partner with us to secure high-quality acreage,
improve your exploration processes and reduce costs. 

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Building a Data-Driven, High-Potential Portfolio?

ML-Driven Prospectivity Mapping & Target Generation

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Custom AI Bots for Exploration

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We have identified more than 50 high-quality prospects in Finland that are available for acquisition or JV partnership. These opportunities are supported by our specialized Exploration Platform designed specifically for Finland.


Furthermore, we have also discovered other exciting global opportunities and can offer assistance in securing new acreage across different jurisdictions.

By integrating Mineral System models with machine learning and big data, we can not only decode the geology and prospectivity of your acreage but also greatly enhance and expedite your exploration efforts.

We tailor projects to address your unique exploration challenges and always assess whether the data quality meets the requirements for ML models.

We have the capability to create customized AI bots using natural language models that seamlessly integrate with your company's data.

This empowers your geologists with faster and more precise searches within your document database, ultimately enhancing their efficiency and freeing up their valuable time.

Example: Prospectivity mapping using ML

Kumpu exploration property in Finland.

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Empower your exploration with Equivest

Discover our offering and discuss your exploration objectives.

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