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Equivest aims to consistently profit
from significant resource discoveries

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Our results                       

Total return (MWRR*)
Feb 20' - Oct 21'

+ 652%


+ 217%

Sharpe ratio


*) MWRR - money weighted rate of return

Since we started actively investing in the stock market in February 2020, our portfolio achieved total return of 652%.

Our success story begins by combining our two areas of professional expertise - geology and economics. We search for opportunities that arise from the information asymmetry between geologist and investor and focus on bridging the gap.

Natural resource exploration offers spectacular examples of high returns. Nevertheless, the industry is haunted by some of the worst examples of capital destruction and outright investor fraud. To balance these risks and deliver high returns, we have created Equivest proprietary scoring system, which we use rigorously in screening and evaluation process of junior exploration companies. 

Build investment strategy
that closes the information gap
between investor and geologist

How we select companies - the Equivest Scoring system

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Safe jurisdiction

Skilled management

Stock momentum


Market cycle

Commodity cycle

Equivest methodology

Our process starts with the review of geology and exploration team. We apply set of proprietary exploration principles based on 10 years of hands on experience in oil & gas and mining exploration. There is no silver bullet in this industry. However, teams with holistic understanding of geology, access to the world class acreage, combined with skillful application of exploration process, tend to consistently produce commercial discoveries and shareholder returns. We focus on building our investment portfolio around this carefully picked junior explorers.

Furthermore, we score management teams, ensuring that they are capable of securing funding for exploration phase and are able to realise shareholder value when the discovery is made. We pay close attention to macro picture, ensuing right timing for the entry and taking advantage of commodity cycles and stock momentum to de-risk our investments.