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"The person that turns over
the most rocks wins the game." 

- Peter Lynch

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Enable consistent profits
from significant resource discoveries

Over the next decade, exploration will form critical pipeline to deliver needed supply of battery metals. Unfortunately, mining exploration and mining stocks investments are associated with low success rates and capital destruction. Less than 1 out 1000 exploration projects turns into a mine. Equivest aims to contribute to improving success rates in exploration through platform that:

  • Bridges the gap between geology and investor

  • Enables consistent profits from resource discoveries

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We are still evolving and growing at Equivest.
Learn below about what we currently offer.

Our online course is a part of the mission to bridge the gap between investors and geology.

In the course you will:


  • Gain applicable geology skills

  • Understand drilling results

  • Recognise a skilled exploration team

You will also join online community of like minded investors on a hunt for the next discovery.

We are actively sharing our knowledge and journey on Twitter, Blog and YouTube. We hope to raise awareness of important factors in successful exploration. We also share our analysis of mining and oil & gas exploration stocks. Commodities we currently focus on are: nickel, copper, uranium, lithium and oil & gas. 

Note: Equivest does not take sponsorship from any companies. We like to be an independent voice in the sea of promotion.

Since we started actively investing in the natural resource sector in February 2020, our portfolio achieved total return in excess of 600%. Our success story begins by combining our two areas of professional expertise - exploration geology and economics.

During 2022 we have focused on building in-house stock database in BigQuerry and adding a quantitative edge to our investments. Goal is to enable consistent profits from natural resource discoveries by combining geologist "stock picking" with quantitative strategies.

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Equivest AS

Tel:  +47 412 22 466

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