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Enable consistent profits from resource discoveries.


Improve exploration success rates.

We understand that meeting the growing demand for battery metals relies on successful exploration. Historically, the mining industry has had low exploration success rates, with only 1 in 1000 projects becoming a mine.

To achieve our vision and mission, we employ two strategies:

Exploration Investments Portfolio

We invest in battery metals explorers. This has yielded over a 1000% return on our exploration portfolio since 2020. Our focus is on early-stage discoveries where exploration risk is significantly reduced. High-quality greenfield exploration projects are also of interest to us, unfortunately, they tend to be quite rare. 

Exploration Project Generation

We observe a shortage of high-potential early-stage exploration projects in the industry, with explorers often focusing on small deposits, old mines, and projects with low exploration risk but no economic potential. Also, there is an underutilisation of mineral system models and data. We believe the above aspects are key factors in the low success rates. 

To tackle this, we're building Equivest Metals, a privately-owned prospect generator. Equivest Metals leverages a combination of mineral system models and machine learning through its proprietary Exploration Data Platform. With a focus on creating a high-quality portfolio of battery metals projects, we aim to improve exploration success rates, reduce costs, and become go to partner for acreage acquisition and joint ventures. 


We also prioritize educating the mining community. Our aim is to shift the mindset of both geologists and investors by sharing our knowledge and reflections on the sector.


We are explorers at heart


At Equivest, our passionate team of explorers unlocks value through data. With expertise in geoscience, exploration, M&A in the natural resource sector, data science, and machine learning, we offer a unique blend of skills.

Joanna Ponicka - VP Exploration

IMG_20210828_165641_edit_19904402845400 (1).jpg

Joanna has over 10 years of experience in exploration across the mining and oil & gas industry.


Her career began in Brazil with Anglo American's nickel exploration unit, she subsequently worked for junior and mid size explorers where she held roles such as Exploration Geologist, Subsurface Manager, and Portfolio Manager. Notably, Joanna played an instrumental role in the commercial oil discovery in the North Sea – Dugong.

Since 2021, Joanna has been serving as a business consultant, specializing in prospectivity models, acreage staking, JVs/acquisitions, and strategic advisory for mineral exploration companies. She is also an active investor in mineral exploration companies and maintains a global perspective by staying updated on drilling results daily.

With a strong focus on Mineral Systems, big data analysis, and systematic exploration processes, Joanna applies valuable lessons learned from the oil & gas industry to her work. She possesses a robust industry network, a Twitter following of 8000+, and extensive contacts within the mining investment community.

Erlend Rongen - CTO (1).jpg

Economist and Data Scientists with 10+ years of experience across a wide range of industries, including banking, ecommerce, logistics, oil & gas and mining.


His specialisation lies in developing and implementing data-driven projects that use automations, ML, and most recently AI. These projects unlocked significant profits and business improvements. His approach to success hinges on starting with the right questions and leveraging data for swift, accurate answers, instead of relying on a gut feeling.

In banking, Erlend applied these principles to develop projects that boosted annual profits by $5M through optimized pricing and innovative use of transaction data, leading to an additional $3M in yearly profits.

Currently, Erlend serves as the CTO at Equivest Metals. In the mineral exploration industry, he believes in a large untapped potential for applying proven exploration principles and mineral systems to ask the right questions and answer them with geophysical and geochemical data. This approach is the key inspiration behind building their proprietary Mineral Exploration Data and Machine Learning platform, aimed at generating the prospects behind the next big discoveries.

Contact us


Feel welcome to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can create value together. 

Tel:  +376 656 581 or +47 412 22 466

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