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“I have no special talents; I am only passionately curious.”
– Albert Einstein

At Equivest, our team of passionate explorers is driven by a shared commitment to unlocking value through data. With expertise spanning geoscience, exploration, M&A in the natural resource sector, data science, we offer a unique blend of skills and knowledge. Our mission is to transform the mineral exploration industry by applying innovative strategies and data-driven insights to improve success rates and deliver consistent profits from significant resource discoveries.

We are explorers at heart


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Joanna Ponicka - Exploration Lead

With over a decade of hands-on experience in mining and oil & gas from both field and management operations, Joanna has excelled as a geologist, portfolio manager, and exploration manager. She started her career with Anglo American, and subsequently worked with junior and major explorers across Scandinavia, Brazil, Australia and Southern Europe. Joanna played a pivotal role in the 80 mmboe Dugong discovery in the North Sea with Petrolia NOCO. She boasts a strong M&A background and has led and supported numerous transactions in the mining and oil & gas sectors. At Equivest Metals, Joanna is committed to improving exploration success rates and developing ILX Strategy and the Equivest Platform. (1).jpg

Erlend Rongen - Data Science Lead 

Erlend is a highly skilled Economist and Data Scientist with over a decade of experience in the banking, logistics, and fintech sectors. His unique background allows him to effectively guide data-driven decision-making, as demonstrated during his time at DNB Bank, where he unlocked significant profits. Erlend's expertise includes Machine Learning, programming (Python, SQL), and building analytics platforms, such as the proprietary stock database for Equivest with 180,000 financial instruments and Equivest Platform infrastructure. Outside of his professional endeavors, Erlend is an avid outdoors enthusiast with a broad background in geology. His passion for exploration and discovery is a testament to his versatility and adaptability, making him an invaluable Data Science Lead.

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Are you a talented and curious geoscientist or data scientist looking to make an impact in the mineral exploration industry? Be a part of the team that dares to challenge the status quo and unlock the full potential of mineral exploration through cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies. 

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