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"In 2022, 60% of prospects drilled by Australian explorers  were in settings that never produced commercial discoveries."
- We are working to change that.


Developed after assessing 500+ exploration companies

Equivest is transforming the mineral exploration industry with our proprietary Industry Leading Explorer (ILX) strategy. Developed after assessing over 500 exploration companies, the ILX strategy addresses common mistakes and focuses on beating low success rates in the industry.

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Testing a high number of quality targets. We select geological settings with a high probability of finding a Tier 1-2 discovery. Our 2022 study of ASX nickel explorers eliminated 90% of prospects without removing discoveries.

  • Reducing time and cost is critical in determining if we are atop a Tier 1 discovery vs minor mineral occurence. By leveraging new technologies, we cost-effectively identify top targets to determine Tier 1 discovery potential.

  • Effective use of data. Many companies haven't adopted remote-sensing or utilized large public datasets, mainly due to a lack of skills, infrastructure, and analysis tools. We effectively leverage data and machine learning tools.

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Our cloud-based Equivest Platform,  streamlines and automates exploration processes

Our cloud-based Equivest Platform, designed by geologists and data scientists, streamlines and automates exploration processes. By combining geospatial data with expert knowledge, the platform supports identification of high-quality mineral targets with Tier 1-2 discovery potential. The platform has already showcased its potential by helping us to identify over 40 highly prospective exploration targets in Scandinavia.

Key features of the Equivest Platform include:

  • Incorporating the latest advancements in the understanding where and how major ore deposits form - we call it Mineral Systems 2.0

  • State-of-the-art machine learning and data analytics techniques

  • Accelerated exploration processes and reduced costs.

Our other R&D initiatives focus on

  • Rapid soil sampling techniques

  • Efficient and cost-effective exploration drilling processes


Partner with us to improve your exploration processes, reduce costs, and increase success chances.

We currently operate as a private prospect generator and exploration consultancy. At Equivest, we offer a range of services to exploration companies:

  • Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships: Partner with us on our Scandinavian exploration properties. As part of JV, we can apply ILX Exploration Strategy and leverage the Equivest Platform to maximize the chances of economic discovery and reduce exploration costs. 

  • Prospectivity Mapping and Target Generation: Utilizing our proprietary ML model, we work with public or proprietary datasets, including geophysical, geochemical, drillhole, bedrock geology, and satellite data, to identify high-potential targets. 

  • Custom Consultancy Services: Providing tailored solutions to address your unique exploration challenges.

We highly value collaboration and are open to forming strategic partnerships to further develop our ILX Strategy and Equivest Platform.

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