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Taught by an experienced geologist 

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Separate winners from losers with Geology 101 for Investors.


  • Gain applicable geology skills

  • Understand drilling results

  • Recognise a skilled exploration team

  • Join online community of like-mined investors (discord, monthly webinars)


Already invested? Or considering investing in the mining stocks? Ask yourself this question: "How can you have an edge in finding the next Tier 1-2 discovery that will generate 10x return?"

Many investors find themselves struggling in the world of geology. You are not alone! 


What are the key things that I need to understand about ore/petroleum deposits as an investor?

How to interpret exploration
drilling results?

How to identify skilled
exploration team? 

How to build portfolio of explorers with exposure to high gains and not to lose your money?

Is the discovery significant or not?




"Amazing course, usually geologists focus only on rocks (with too technical lessons) but Joanna is the first one to provide and link the geological knowleadge with economic and investment insights."

"No course is quite like this. Joanna has a wealth of geology and investment experience and guides us through practical pointers on various metal geologies. Her lectures provides a wealth of practical experiences and information from her journey as a Junior mining investor which I found very useful and relatable."

"After completing Geology 101 for investors, I feel more confident in identifying tier 1 exploration projects & increase the probability of success."

geological gold core samples with team of mining  workers measuring drilled rock top view.


Our Geology 101 for Investors on-demand online course is unique and summarises a holistic view acquired by a successful exploration geologist and investor with over 10 years of experience in mining and oil & gas exploration. In this course we will only focus on geology principles that matter to us as investors and can help us to separate "gold from the dirt". 

We will actively use real cases and practical exercises so you can gain applicable skills. The goal is that you can excel in this sector on your own!

You will also gain access to private discord forum* to continue growing your skills further in community of like-minded investors. Additionally, you will be able to participate in monthly webinars.

*) Forum is only for educational purposes, we will not provide stock recommendations or trade signals. Newsletter writers, investment fund employees and stock promoters will only get access to on-demand online course. 



Basics of exploration geology

Calculate simple resource for mining and oil & gas projects

Skills to interpret drilling results


Equivest Exploration Principles

Asymmetric Investment

Exploration Assets Valuations


In-person coure is now completed.

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    Geology 101 Course
    Free Plan
    • Exploration geology for investors
    • Applicable skills + practical exercises
    • Equivest Exploration Principles
    • Asymmetric Investment Strategies
    • Geology of Ni-Cu-PGE, uranium and lithium deposits


1. Understand exploration asset lifecycle and select best companies

i. Course goals and why invest in exploration of natural resources?

ii. Life of exploration asset - cyclicity and changes in asset valuations. How to befit from it as an investor? 

2. Equivest Exploration Principles - applicable principles on how to pick best explorers.

3. Generate alpha and protect downside risk 
i. Equivest Asymmetric Investment Strategies - repeatable trends with low risk/high reward set up in exploration speculation. This is where we generate alpha and manage risks in our portfolio. At least four asymmetric strategies will be covered.

4. Geology and natural resource deposits in a "nutshell"
In this chapter we will build core geology principles that you will be able to apply across different deposits styles. 

i.  Basic elements and principles in geology that you need to know about in order to navigate exploration investing landscape. We will only focus on what matters!

ii. Geology of Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide deposits, basement hosted uranium deposits and lithium pegmatites - we focus on battery metals, ESG plays, which are going to see a lot of drilling over the next years. These sessions will act as building blocks of your mining geology skills and form basis for practical exercises in the next chapters.

iii. Introduction to petroleum geology - key geology aspects that you should know when investing in oil & gas explorers.


 5. How to interpret exploration results - applicable skills 
i. Interpreting grab samples, cuttings and core data in the press releases.

ii. Interpreting drill results. Exercises on estimating size of base metals and oil & gas discoveries based on the drilling results. You will be able to do back of envelope math after the course and include key geological uncertainties in the estimate.

iii. Geophysical anomalies in exploration and how to interpret them? How to include them in the resource estimate?

6. The size of the prize 
i. How do you know if the discovery is significant or not? 

ii. Valuation of exploration assets (mining and oil & gas).

7. Bonus sections to boost your knowledge 
i. How to spot that your ship (investment) is about to start sinking? 

ii. Common red flags and traps to avoid in exploration companies.


iii. How to use portfolio approach to exploration investing.