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Achieving Consistent Returns with a Data-Driven Approach. 

Since 2020, our portfolio has generated returns of over 600%. Our success is rooted in the fusion of our professional expertise in exploration geology, economics and data science.

In 2022, we've concentrated on developing an in-house stock database using BigQuery, adding a quantitative edge to our investments. Our goal is to drive consistent profits from natural resource discoveries by combining geology expert "stock picking" with data-driven strategies.



Natural resource exploration presents remarkable opportunities for high returns. However, the industry is also plagued by capital destruction and, at times, investor fraud. To mitigate these risks and deliver consistent returns, we developed the Equivest Proprietary Scoring System. We diligently employ this system to screen and evaluate junior exploration companies.


In 2022, we built a comprehensive database containing price-data and fundamentals for over 160,000 instruments across all asset classes in 29 countries. At Equivest, our goal is to merge geology with quantitative analysis for maximum returns. Our primary focus is identifying winners from losers in the early discovery stage and utilizing in-house market indicators to shield our portfolio from downturns.


Our evaluation process begins with a thorough review of geology and the exploration team. We apply a set of exploration principles founded on 10+ years of hands-on experience as a geologist and portfolio manager in oil & gas and mining exploration. Although no foolproof solution exists in this industry, teams with a comprehensive understanding of geology, access to world-class acreage, and skillful execution of exploration processes tend to consistently generate commercial discoveries and shareholder returns. Our investment portfolio is built around these carefully selected junior explorers.

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At Equivest, we strive to fuse exploration geology with quantitative trading to distinguish winners from losers. Between 2020 and 2021, our investment strategy primarily relied on active stock picking. In 2022, we enhanced our approach by introducing the "Equivest Explorers Strategy," which incorporates quantitative techniques. This strategy boasts a 30% return per trade, a 70% win rate, and would have yielded over 800% returns between 2020 and 2022. We are presently implementing this strategy as part of our private investment portfolio.

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