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Since we started actively investing in the natural resource exploration in 2020, our portfolio achieved total return in excess of 600%. Our success story begins by combining our two areas of professional expertise - exploration geology and economics.

During 2022 we have focused on building in-house stock database in BigQuerry and adding a quantitative edge to our investments. Goal is to enable consistent profits from natural resource discoveries by combining geologist "stock picking" with quantitative strategies.



Natural resource exploration offers spectacular examples of high returns. Nevertheless, the industry is haunted by some of the worst examples of capital destruction and outright investor fraud. To balance these risks and deliver consistent returns, we have created Equivest proprietary scoring system, which we use rigorously in screening and evaluation process of junior exploration companies. 


During 2022 we have built a database of price-data and fundamentals for +160,000 instruments over all asset classes and 29 countries. In Equivest we want to combine geology and quantitative analysis to maximize returns. Key focus is on separating winners from losers in early discovery stage and utilising in-house market indicators to protect portfolio from the downturns.


Our process starts with a review of geology and exploration team. We apply set of exploration principles based on 10+ years of hands on experience as geologist and portfolio manager in oil & gas and mining exploration. There is no silver bullet in this industry. However, teams with holistic understanding of geology, access to the world class acreage, combined with skillful application of exploration process, tend to consistently produce commercial discoveries and shareholder returns. We focus on building our investment portfolio around this carefully picked junior explorers. 

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In Equivest we are working to combine exploration geology and quantitative trading to separate the winners from losers. During 2020-21 our investment strategy relied mainly on active stock picking. During 2022 we have built "Equivest Explorers Strategy" by adding quantitative techniques. The strategy has a 30% return per trade with a 70% win rate and would have generated over 800% return between 2020-2022. We are currently deploying this strategy as part of our private investment portfolio.

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