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“Risk means uncertainty about
which outcome will occur and
about the possibility of loss
when the unfavorable ones do.”

- Howard Marks


Focus on world class exploration plays
We are relentless in pursuit of the next exploration hot spot , which can host next significant resource discoveries. We select the strongest players in the best acreage. Opportunities entering our portfolio are subject to rigorous evaluation and need to pass through our proprietary scoring system, which aims to increase probability of winning. We focus on building concentrated portfolio of 10-15 companies comprised of high conviction exploration plays. 

ATHABASCA BASIN, CANADA - World's top location for uranium discoveries, with average deposit grade 20x global grade. We are focusing on explorers with fresh ideas and proven track record of discovery. 

Emerging copper and cobalt province, with potential to rival Congo & Zambia, which currently produces 10% of world's copper. Botswana is rated 11th most attractive region for mining investments. 


Hot spot for oil discoveries in recent years with over 70% commercial success rates in the basin. 

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